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Apache Pipe Bullnose

The Tough Country Apache Bullnose Replacement Bumper is built for the most discriminating truck enthusiast. It is almost endlessly customizable and serves as a functional heavy duty replacement for your factory bumper. The man hours spent constructing the Apache bumper in the Tough Country state of the art machine shop are focused solely on producing a product that can stand the test of time during on and off road abuse. The bumper comes standard with the grille euro bar and center cross bar and the finish is powdercoat gloss black. Click "View All Bumper Options" Above to see more available accessories. Please note that if ordering for a GMC this bumper will allow retention of the plastic valance beneath the headlights.

Model: AFR1511C
2015-2017 Chevy/GMC 2500HD/3500
Apache Pipe Bullnose
Model: AFR1511C

Order by phone 855.333.4389
Calling hours are 8am - 9pm CT
Monday through Saturday
Delivery in the U.S.A