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Traditional Rear Dually Wrap (2001-2017)

The state of the art design features a 4" schedule 40 pipe base with rounded corner steep pipe wraps as opposed to others that are squared off. The Traditional Rear Dually Wrap is designed to be heavy duty protection for the rear of the dually fenders, which is often one of the first parts on a dually truck to be ruined. When you put this bumper on your truck there is no mistaking it for other rear dually bumpers. The standard finish is a gloss black industrial powder coat that begins with a base coating of anti-rust primer, leaving it with a thickness that is far superior to industry standards.

Model: DTB3411C
Weight: 230
1988-2017 2500HD/3500
Traditional Rear Dually Wrap (2001-2017)
Model: DTB3411C

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