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Tough Country Brush Guard (Non-Mega Cab)

Fits Non-Mega Cab Only: This is hands down one of the heaviest duty brush guards on the market. Slightly larger than the industry average, Tough Country Brush Guards offer a bolder approach to protection and styling with larger than industry average light loops that are constructed of 1¼" pipe. Not only does this product offer superior protection, the Tough Country Brush Guard maintains a stylish look and is contoured around your vehicles lights and body structure. The Brush Guard is a perfect fit for someone looking to beef up the front of their vehicle without adding the weight of a full front replacement. All brush guards are frame mounted for maximum protection and require no modification for installation. The standard finish is a gloss black industrial powder coat with an anti-rust primer base coat.

Model: BG0615D
2006-2009 Dodge 1500
Tough Country Brush Guard (Non-Mega Cab)
Model: BG0615D

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