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Traditional Rear Dually Wrap (1999-2017)

Our highest quality and most versatile traditional rear bumper available... this bumper is constructed of 4” schedule 40 pipe frame with a 1/2” thick plate steel drop box which provides maximum protection and towing capacity. It has the cleanest welding and finish of any rear dually bumper, noticeable on the corners of the wrap around section. This bumper has an 8” drop and comes complete with license plate light and a universal mount for the factory wiring harness (if not already mounted to the OEM receiver). You will retain you factory receiver hitch. The standard finish is a high gloss industrial strength powder coat with a thick anti-rust agent undercoating for extra durability. (Approx: 185 lbs.)

Weight: 215
All 1981-2017 Super Duty Rear
Traditional Rear Dually Wrap (1999-2017)

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