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Hammerhead JK Rear

The Hammerhead rear bumpers is designed to stand up to the punishment of on-road and off-road driving. They are made with 3/16" thick plate steel and are reinforced to allow for extra strength while keeping the bumpers as light as possible. All rear bumpers include reverse lights and shackle mounts. The shackle mounts are a part of the mounting surface to the frame, extending through the bumper and are welded on the inside and outside of the bumper. Optional upgraded LED lights are available for purchase. Add $385 for rear Tire Carrier. Tire carrier/swing arm will hold up to a 38" tire and DOES swing with the rear door.

Model: JPWR-07_14-RPL
Rear Replacement Bumpers
Hammerhead JK Rear
Model: JPWR-07_14-RPL

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