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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?
Freight is dependent upon many factors.  Some of our freight is included in the price of the bumper because after all, "Free Shipping" is never really free.  We can calculate your total price once we know the make, model, and year of your truck, the name of the bumper you are interested in, and the zip code you need it shipped to.  Just give us a call at (855) 333-4389.

How do I install my bumper?
Please give us a call at (855) 286-7379 and we will have a tech person get in touch with you to discuss the install procedure.  Our techs are available M-F 8-5 CST.

Do I have to drill into my frame?
No. The bumpers mount directly to the frame.

What materials are used in these bumpers?
Steel, and lots of it.

What finish is used on the bumpers?
Most bumpers we sell are standard powdercoated gloss black with the exception of the Evolution bumpers and Hammerhead bumpers. Some bumpers can be purchased with optional bedliner coating OR colors to match truck manufacturers two tone paints.

Will this bumper protect my vehicle in a collision with an animal?
Our customers tell us they hit wild animals such as deer, wild hogs, elk, small bear, etc. and just keep going. This may not be the case in every single situation depending on the speed of the vehicle, size of the wild animal, and point of impact on the bumper.

Can I get a receiver or winch mount on the Diamond Steel bumper?

What size winch can I put on these bumpers?
It depends on the winch mount bumper you decide to get. Give us a call at (855) 333-4389 to discuss the bumper and winch size recommendations.

What is the 2” receiver on the front bumper used for?
Most people use it to mount a portable winch to or they put a shackle in it and use it for towing if they lose the tow hooks when mounting the replacement.

I ordered a bumper “x” number of weeks ago and I am wondering when it will ship?
Please call us or respond to the invoice you received over e-mail indicating that you would like an update and we will respond as soon as we can find out from production when the product will be ready for shipment.

I am trying to mount my bumper and it won't fit?
This is rarely the case. We will first need the item number from the bumper packaging and the invoice number that was sent to your e-mail address. If necessary we will have a tech give you a call to discuss mounting procedure.

I just got my bumper and it is damaged...
As stated in the terms on the invoice and the website, you should have the driver notate and initial on the Bill of Lading that freight damage is present, take pictures of the damage, and notify us immediately at (855) 333-4389. The item should not be refused unless there is significant damage such as bent steel.

Who makes the bumpers?
We offer a variety of bumpers built by different manufacturers.

Where are you located?
Peacemaker Truck Accessories, LLC is based out of Alabama but all of our bumpers are shipped from warehouses in Texas.