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Rear Bumpers Static

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Flush Mount Cube Work Lights | Fabrication $95 - LED Lights $288/pair

Available on the TC Traditional, Deluxe Rear and Evolution Rear bumpers only. These lights are some of the cleanest looking, sleekest, newest, brightest rear bumper lights on the market. They are pre-installed into the diamond plate skirting of the bumper and offer unobstructed light transmission.

flush mount cube work lights


Rear Bumper 3/4" Shackle Mounts | $185

Available on the TC Traditional Rear and Deluxe Rear Bumpers only. 3/4" of steel fully welded to the 4" pipe with a 1" pin hole for use with heavy duty shackles.

rear bumper 3/4 shackle mounts


Traditional Hoop Steps | $175/pair

Available on TC Traditional and Deluxe Rear Replacement bumpers only. These side steps, made with 1/2" thick steel rod, are the most practical and easiest to use steps available on a rear bumper. These steps will help make things easier for you if you're tired of ripping your jeans or scraping your leg getting in and out of your truck.
Rear Bumper Hoop StepsRear Bumper Hoop Steps

Deluxe Hoop Steps | $275/pair

Only available on Traditional and Deluxe dually wrap bumpers. For those who want form and function in one convenient step, this is without a doubt the heaviest duty step you can get. Welded steel pipe and 12 ga. diamond plate step surface make this the only step of its kind in the industry.
Deluxe Rear Bumper Hoop StepsDeluxe Rear Bumper Hoop Steps

Flush Mount Single Row LED Lights | Fabrication $95 - LED Price $288/pair

Available on TC Traditional, Deluxe and Evolution rear replacement bumpers only. If you are looking for a light that is lower profile yet much brighter than the standard oval lights this is it. The Plash Lights LED Single Row Lights are 40 watts total of flood lighting that will make your truck the envy of deer camp.
flush mount single row led lightsflush mount single row led 2

Cube LED Work Lights | Fabrication $95 - LED Price $198/pair

Available on the TC Traditional, Deluxe Rear and Evolution Rear bumpers only. If you need a set of bright lights protected by expanded metal these are the lights to get. The mounting brackets are custom spaced for specific brand lights so please specify the brand you would like to use. Expanded metal is welded behind opening in skirting to protect the lens of each light.
cube led work lights

Custom Reverse Sensor Sleeves | Ford, Chevy, Dodge $265

Available on TC Traditional, Deluxe Rear and Evolution Rear Replacement Bumpers only. These sensor sleeves are one of a kind in the world of heavy duty bumpers. They allow flush mounting of the sensor apparatus to be housed in a hand machined steel sleeve and secured with a set screw.
Custom Reverse Sensor Sleeves