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"The front bumper arrived at the dealership on Thursday!  I am very happy with it.  I attached a few pics so you could see what it looked like."

Thank you, Becki F.

"Got the bumpers installed.  Exactly what I wanted!  Tough and look good too."

Thanks, Dale S.

"Here are the pics that you requested for the site. Let me know if they all come out. Love the bumper and it's definitely a head turner. Just do me one favor and blur out or black out my license plate number."

Jeffery S.

"We received it right after lunch on Monday!  Thanks so much!  Fits Great!"

Robin B.

"Here are those pictures I promised!  Let me know if you use any of them on your website... I do love the bumper a lot, it saved my butt twice last weekend while off-roading.  First time it kept me from rolling over, and second when I drove into a hidden ditch, and it just dropped on the ground.  Either one of those time would have just torn the stock front end clean off my truck."

Jonathan M.

"Attached are photos of the bumper on my truck.  It is definitely rugged and I think it will really last.  If I could have changes to it I would have put a bit more diamond plate lower to cover the factory hitch system with a cut out for the factory hitch and I would have made the bumper a bit wider so you could see the edge of it from the rear view mirror for assistance in backing up and protection of the bedside in the rear corner.  Most people that have seen this bumper on my truck like it and made the same suggestions to me.  I am very happy with the bumper overall."

Steven M.

"Thanks!  What a great bumper."

William S.

"Just wanted to let you know Travis received his bumper today and it arrived in good condition. He's a very happy camper now, just like a kid at Christmas! Thanks for all your help, and we may be contacting you in the future for a matching front bumper."

Paula B.

"Thanks, I am completely satisfied with this product and look forward to recommending your business to others."

Cole G.