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Deluxe Dually Flare Running Boards

Built for those who want plenty of room to stand on the side of their truck... perfect for getting into the bed of the truck or using as a step to see into your tool box for those hard to reach wrenches in the middle. Wheel to wheel 12 gauge diamond plated steel running boards add comfort and ease to getting in and out of your truck, while also adding heavy duty style to your truck. All of our running boards and side steps mount to the cab bolts, the portion of the frame that bolts the cab to the frame. The brackets are built with "overkill" thick steel so you don't have to worry about flex when you step into your truck. Standard Finish is black gloss powder coat.

Model: Available Upon Oder
Side Steps & Running Boards
Deluxe Dually Flare Running Boards
Model: Available Upon Oder

Order by phone 855.333.4389
Calling hours are 8am - 9pm CT
Monday through Saturday
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